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About the Artist

I believe the objects we use in our daily lives can and should be functional, beautiful, and long-lasting. Pottery naturally brings these elements together, enabling the creation of works of art intended to be touched, seen, and used everyday.

As a visual and tactile person, I tremendously enjoy the many stages of working with clay and the infinite possibilities of what can be created. The process of taking a raw, soft, malleable lump of earth and turning it into a functional sculpture durable enough to withstand centuries of use continues to fascinate me every single day.  

With a background in interior design, the human aspect of art and how we use objects and spaces is of particular interest to me. Through a variety of materials and techniques, I seek to create pieces which are beautiful to look at and interesting to touch while also being enjoyable and comfortable to use. All my pieces are handmade, one of a kind, and designed for daily use. 

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